Gregory Sutter

Biographical Information

I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.


I am Gregory Sutter, a lifelong resident and citizen of Sol III.



...I am? What am I? Can any sentient entity be so easily defined?

..I do? What's that I like to do? I enjoy hacking, cycling, reading (science fiction, science, sociology), attempting to play my guitars, cooking, good times with friends, listening to all kinds of crazy music, camping, self-improvement, surfing (though I'm not any good), sleeping, thinking, thinking while sleeping, and innumerable other activities. Did I mention bikes?

I'd like to enjoy some travel too. Let me know if you're up for funding it.

I don't enjoy everything I do: I hate doing dishes, ugh; driving my car in traffic; letting people screw up our environment; etc. I'm a neohippie, o.k.?

What's that I don't do? Well, for one, I don't own a TV. I avoid wearing corporate logo clothing. I don't eat mammals.


Currently, Pacifica, CA.


From a beautiful spring day in 1975 to the present... and hopefully much longer. It's the only existence I've got, so I'm going to make the most of it. Don't get in my way.


If you ever find a good answer to this one, be sure to let me know. I've used a lot of processor time on it; the best answer I've got is that we make our own destiny. There is no predetermined "Why". Live for yourself.


The same way everybody else does, only with more thought, more appreciation and more laughter than some. How about you?


I am the sole owner of and right holder in my unique genecode.

My personality type, according to the Keirsey sorter, is INXP. According to the sorter, this makes me a combination of a rational and an idealist.

I have been personally Damned to Hell by Gary, the Willard Preacher.

I studied Geography and STS (science, technology, and society) at Penn State. While I was there, I did some very interesting coursework, including work in climate dynamics, African geography, American environmental history, environmental ethics, biogeography, and several studies of technology, ethics, and human values. (Incidentally, would you believe I used to be an engineer?)

My résumé is available. I am always interested in hearing about opportunities, although I may not be actively looking for employment.

I am a sci-fi-reader, late-sleeper, ukulele-player, FreeBSD-user, computer-builder, swimmer (and ex-water-polo-player), geo-grapher, bicycle-rider and many other things besides.

I am also (in case you hadn't noticed) a computer geek.

Version: 3.1
GAT d- s+:+>+: a- C++++ UB++++$ P++-- L+- E--- W++ N++ o K+++ w----- O-
M- V-- PS++ PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5++ !X R* !tv b+++ DI+ D+--- G+ e++* h r+ y+*>$
Version: 2.1
H++ !g p1 au+ w++ v++(-) u**+--- f- n+

According to the 500-question purity test, I am 42.6% sexually pure. Take this as you will.

I first had a web page on 01 September 1995. This may be its descendant.

Gregory Sutter,
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